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Tradition of Quality from My "Amber" Family

By: Rhoda F. Fernandez

I still remember when my Lolodaddy, Engr. Manuel L. Espiritu asked my Mama, Editha M. Faustino, if she wanted to open a restaurant in Makati. My Mama was hesitant because my brother and I were still in high school and the everyday demands of operating a food business meant we will be left alone in our home in Malabon. But then, the business person in my Mama prevailed and the rest, as they say, is history.

Amber Golden Plate Restaurant, the first and only branch in Makati, was established in 1988. With everyone in the family working hard to ensure quality in both our products and service, the

restaurant steadily made a name in the offices in the Makati Business District and in the nearby cities. The Original Pancit Malabon, Delicious Pichi-Pichi, Yummy Pork BBQ, to name a few, became popular and well-loved AMBER signature dishes. I can still remember my Lolodaddy giving me a coin bank as a gift on my 30th birthday. He wrote a note that said:  "My life began at 40, let yours begin at 30 to more of AMBER Amber Golden Plate, Amber Golden Spoon, Amber Golden .. all the utensils that you can ever think of . With love: Lolodaddy".

True enough, with the help of my Lolodaddy and my parents Recci and Editha, Amber Golden Spoon was established in Muntinlupa in 1998. This branch was the product of a "feasibility study" from my Master in Food Service Administration course in UP Diliman. We expanded and ventured into catering, bulk-food orders and food deliveries to homes and offices.

After more than 20 years of serving quality food at affordable prices, two more branches were opened in Mandaluyong and Morato in Quezon City - Amber Golden Pot and Amber Golden Bowl. My brother Rhonald and I are keeping the tradition of quality passed on by my grandfather and my parents. The entire family takes to heart what my Lolodaddy always said, "Do your best at all times." Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants constantly strives to improve our take-out, dine-in and delivery services. We strive to develop new products to further satisfy old and new customers because Amber owes its success to them.

Whenever you see a motorcycle rider in golden yellow and red uniform, it means that the Original Pancit Malabon and Delicious Pichi-Pichi from Amber are on its way. Throughout these years, AMBER has offered Pinoy comfort food that reminded customers of the familiar tastes of home and family.

Why AMBER?  According to Lolodaddy, Amber is a resin from tree sap which is golden brown in color. For the Chinese, this Amber resin is considered lucky.

For your take-out, dine-in, bulk-food orders, catering and food delivery, visit our website: www.amber.com.ph or call our branches: Makati 884-8888 / Muntinlupa 862-0000 / Mandaluyong 533-1111 / Morato 372-5555 / Parañaque 829-9999

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